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November 14th, 2007

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10:02 pm - new fic: Dark Matter - Numb3rs


Author: Ariel   storm_trigger@libero.it

Fandom: Numb3rs

Pairing: Charlie/Don

Rating: FRAO

Warnings: slash, incest, bit of non-con

Disclaimer: Unfortunately they aren’t mine. Unfortunately the story is. J

Author notes: since my first language is Italian, you’d probably find some mistakes. Point them to me and I’ll fix them, thanks.


Notes2: In my defense, I can say I was half asleep, and so I was half dreaming, but with a whole dirty imagination J


Summary: Charlie is tired of not knowing things about Don.




The bedroom is dark, not even a sliver of light gets past the curtains. Only the howl of the wind breaks the silence. Outside, the storm is raging against the west side of the house, rain pelting down the window and the rose bushes underneath.


The man asleep on the bed is exhausted, after a rough case that has taken three weeks to solve and had robbed him and his team of sleep and meals.


For an instant, the sudden flash of a lightening gets reflected on something metallic, in someone’s hands.


Slowly, the other body in the room circles the bed and stops just beside it. Soundlessly, one cuff is closed on the right wrist of the man asleep on the bed. Delicately, hands cradle arm and hand, move it across the pillow toward the headboard. The chain is put around a slat while the other cuff is closed around the left wrist.


The man on the bed is restless, caught in a nightmare perhaps. He tries to change position, but encounters an obstacle. He wakes suddenly with his heart pounding in his chest, cuffed to his bed.


The dark surrounds him, like a living thing, velvet and cold on his sweaty skin. His harsh breathing the only sound in the room now that the storm has calmed down a bit. He can’t see anything, but knows there’s someone there…


-Charlie? What the hell is going on?- His voice’s shaking and a sinking feeling takes possession of his stomach when his inquiry meets complete silence.


-Buddy? Come on, talk to me…-


As his heart is slowing down, he can faintly hear his brother quiet breathing. Still, he doesn’t talk.


Don is a little bit afraid. He tells himself it’s ridiculous, but he IS afraid.


Then the darkness in front of his bed coalesce in curly hair and a lithe body. Charlie has moved slightly from his spot into the void, but now he’s again motionless, looking at his brother.


Don waits for the punch line, but when Charlie moves, when he speaks, he feels like he’s trapped in a nightmare.


When Charlie disentangles himself from the night, he kneels on the bed, eyes boring into Don’s. He takes hold of the light sheet covering his brother and gets it out of the way. Don exhales explosively as his little brother’s eyes widen looking at his naked body.


-Charlie, damnit! What the hell are you doing?- Angry, and still a little afraid, Don tries to free himself, but stops abruptly when his brother’s hands start caressing his legs.


Time stands still as Charlie’s fingers lightly trace strange symbols on his skin, eyes completely focused on his.


Then finally he speaks: -Did you enjoy yourself these past few weeks, Donnie?- He had never heard that tone of voice out of his brother’s mouth. Silky smooth, dark and aroused. Don shakes his head, very afraid.


-Charlie…- and it should have been a warning, to stop this nonsense, this absurdity, but it really can’t be when his voice is barely a whisper, and it falls on deaf ears.

His little brother’s hands move upwards, from his thighs to his sides and he settles comfortably between his legs. A slow, wicked smile appears on his face and then he lowers himself on Don’s cock…

-Charlie, please, don’t do this, come on…- Don pleads, terrified. His heart is drumming in his chest, his body’s trembling. His brother, instead, doesn’t seem concerned in the least. He braces himself on Don’s sides and slides down until his 5 o’clock beard scratches his brother’s sensitive skin. The inside of his thighs, his belly, his cock… Don closes his eyes tightly and cringes.

-No, Charlie, please…- is all he can say.

Until Charlie’s tongue wets the underside of his cock. Don’s breathing stutters and he involuntary arches on the bed.

-It’s been great seeing Billy again, right Donnie?-

His little brother’s voice forces him to focus again. There’s something dangerous in it.

-Just like the good old days, mmh? You and him alone, chasing leads, hunting the fugitives… right, Donnie?- Heat and tightness engulf his throbbing erection and Don whimpers. Charlie’s tongue swirls around the head, follows taste and shape, gets acquainted with its new possession.

-And when you’re near, adrenaline pumping through your veins, you have your prey in sight… then it’s time  for a ‘job well done’ fuck in a motel shower, Donnie?- Charlie’s hands take his tongue’s place when he speaks. Cradle his balls, rub and slide on him with delicate movements, as if Don’s ready to break, something so precious to handle with the utmost care.

Don shakes his head, mutters a string of ‘no’ under his breath and Charlie’s teeth close slowly on him. They measure his entire length and Don stops breathing. –Donnie, don’t lie to me…- and his lips soothe and enflame him at the same time.

Charlie gives a last lick and crawls up his brother’s body, dispensing little nips and licks on his belly, his abs.

Don is desperate to stop this, but he is still trapped, still cuffed to the bed, face to face with his little brother… he has to wet his lips to be able to talk, and he sees how Charlie’s eyes hungrily follow the movement.

-Charlie, come on, whatever this is, we can work it out, I’m sure…- but Charlie is shaking his head. –buddy, please, don’t do this to me…- and his words morph into a moan when his brother’s tongue meets his nipples. Teeth nip and lips suck, while their cocks rub together deliciously. It’s a torture and Don’s control is slipping away from him every moment more.

-You’re my big brother, right Donnie? So why don’t you play your part like you always did? You should brag about your conquests, right Donnie? I’m your little brother, you should do that to me…- Charlie’ s voice is made of darkness, slow like honey and Don is lost.

-… instead, I know nothing… about you. But they do… he does, right Donnie? About Terry, about Kim, Robin, Liz… I bet you told him everything, but not to me!- The last word is half lost on Don’s lips, taken hard, mouth possessed by his little brother’s tongue.

When the need for air can’t be ignored anymore, Charlie slowly leaves his brother’s body and sits back on his haunches and looks.

-There are so many things I want to do to you, Donnie, so many I don’t know where to begin…- he says in a ragged voice. Then he slowly slithers up his brother’s body again, ending up with his mouth near his right ear.

-I can’t decide… do I fuck you first, or do I ride you?- The catch in his brother’s breathing closes the game. Breathless, Charlie smiles and grabs the lube he has put on the other side of the bed earlier.

-Yes, I’ll do that…- and Don’s eyes widen.

Fingers sticky with lube, Charlie kneels astride his brother’s thighs. One hand caresses his ass  while the other searches for the little entrance… Charlie’s eyes close and his back arches as his fingers slowly sink inside him and work to relax and ease the passage.

Don’s eyes are transfixed on his little brother, his moans and gasps make him tremble, make him wild, still…

-Charlie, Charlie, I’m your brother, you can’t do this to me, please, buddy, please..- and there’s a tear that’s slowly wetting his cheek.

His little brother’s whisper answers him, while his wet fingers spread the lube on his hard cock.

-Only with you, Donnie, I should have done this a long time ago… you wouldn’t have touched them…- and his body lowers itself on his cock until Don is buried to the hilt.

It’s Charlie’s voice that makes his brain function again. –Don, you feel so good inside me…-

His body is slowly ascending and descending, tight and hot around his cock. Charlie’s eyes are closed, his back arches on every upward motion.

Don can feel it. The rattle of the cuffs against the headboard is so loud in the room. He needs to touch, he needs to taste, it’s already too late and maybe, maybe always has been.

-Charlie, uncuff me…- Don tries to sound in control, like he’s giving an order, but Charlie chuckles and his curls dance to his voice saying: -No, no, no, Donnie…-

So Don grabs the slat of the headboard for leverage and on the next downward motion he pushes himself inside his little brother hard. He can feel the answering sob of ecstasy reverberate everywhere on his skin. Charlie lowers himself on him, rubbing all of his body against his big brother’s. They both moan at the change of angle and their mouths clash together desperately. Their movement loses its smoothness, Charlie’s little cries of pleasure make Don tremble and then suddenly, his little brother marks him on his neck, his teeth sink in his skin as he comes without warning. Don cries out his name and follows.


Charlie is breathing hard, lying flat on him. He reaches blindly for his wrists and slowly caresses the abused flesh with his fingertips. Then, one after the other, the cuffs come loose.

Stiffly, Don wraps his arms around his lover and turns them both on their sides. Lazy kisses are exchanged as they come down from their climaxes, whispered words as they entangle their bodies together.

-Love you, love you, love you…- Don says between kisses that land on his little brother’s eyes, his mouth, the tip of his nose, his curls…

Charlie smiles, eyes closed, warm and sated curled up in his brother’s arms.

-Love you too, Donnie… only you…-




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