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November 11th, 2007

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12:18 pm - All the love in the world...
Here is the sequel to ONE NIGHT as requested :) Hope you enjoy it!

Fandom: Numb3rs
Pairing: Don/Charlie
Rating: FRAO
Warnings: Incest
Disclaimer: Don’t own them, I wish I would, though!
Genre: slash
Author notes: sequel to ‘ONE NIGHT’. Hope you like it.
I usually speak Italian around here, so any mistakes you find you can point them to me and I'll fix them. Thanks.
Author notes2: ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD is written and performed by The Corrs and can be found on their ‘In blue’ album.

It’s dark outside, with only the light that comes from the other houses along the street. A couple of lampposts are broken, directly in front of his old home. He is cold. He has been cold since their one night. He has been distant and rude at work and even toward his brother, and it seemed Charlie was the only one who wasn’t taking it in a bad way. And that was what was keeping him in the darkness, inside his car, cold. Was it just him, who felt so bereft, who felt like he was walking in a different world?
The sound of the lock of his car door is like a scream in the silence of the night. Don stops beside his SUV and contemplates his intentions. Then, with a new confidence, he walks up to the front door. It’s time for a new deal.
As Charlie opens the door, he is not expecting the person on the other side and much less the fever in his eyes. He moves away, lets Don in and closes the door with a certain finality. He turns around, but Don has not moved. Nonetheless Charlie knows, he knows his waiting has come to an end.
- Does this mean you want another deal? -
And for a moment, before facing his brother, Don is ready to ask: - Is it just what I want? -, but then he turns around and his words die in his mouth.
Charlie is clenching and unclenching his fists, waiting for an answer. When their eyes meet, though, he finds out he does not need one. A couple of steps and he has his hands fisted in Don’s jacket, while he is kissing him with all the desperation that has been keeping him company for fifteen years.
- You are mine, that’s your new deal… mine… -, that’s what comes out of his little brother’s mouth the only moment it parts from his.
Charlie drags him to his bedroom, nimble fingers divest him of jacket and shirt even before the door is closed and locked behind them. With his back against it, Don can only feel and let Charlie take the lead.
Even knowing that he has time now, a right to kiss, touch and possess, Charlie cannot slow down. His brain, his rationality, just deserted him and left him with only need and want.
His lips encounter warm skin, his brother’s scent tickles his nose, but it’s Don’s surrender that gets him wild. Slumped against the door, he is letting Charlie do whatever he wants.
His hands caress his brother’s sides, while his mouth is moving down, down, until he is on his knees, lips hovering near Don’s erection still enclosed in his tight black jeans. As the button comes undone and the zip gets lowered, Don stops breathing. Charlie looks up at him, while he takes off pants and underwear, socks and shoes.
There’s so much controlled passion in his little brother’s eyes, Don feels like he’s drowning. Then Charlie drags his tongue along his cock and blows warm breath over it, and Don moans desperately. Charlie’s hands grip his sides tightly, while his mouth envelops his brother’s cock in warm slickness.
Don can’t seem to get himself under control. His breathing is ragged, he can’t coordinate his limbs, he feels like his body has betrayed him and has given itself over to his little brother without his consent. Somehow, though, he manages to move a hand and grip Charlie’s shoulder. He doesn’t want to come like this, he doesn’t. He drags Charlie up, his still clothed body creates a delicious friction against his and, as he devours his mouth, he quickly gets rid of his clothes.
Charlie is trembling, ready to fly apart, but Don is regaining a bit of control back and he grounds him. He feels more than seeing it that he is being turned around. He leans his hands on the door and cannot help the scratches his nails make on the wood. Don’s teeth are back on that spot on his neck and Charlie sobs his name.
Fortunately, Don finds a bottle of hand lotion on the dresser near the door. He quickly slicks his fingers and prepares his little brother. He can’t remember if he’s ever felt so wild before, but he’s pretty sure he can’t because he’s never. Charlie, Charlie is the only one, always has been, always will be… and then he’s inside him and it’s like Charlie’s everywhere, on his skin, in his arms, in his head, in every heartbeat and in every thought and for a moment Don feels overwhelmed and scared, scared that Charlie’s going to make him disappear. Then a whisper, a breath that distils his essence in a word…
- Don, please… - and that tone of voice, those words, cover everything that Don represents for his brother. Strength, loyalty, love, stubbornness, protection, comfort… light, and Don responds the only way he knows how, with actions instead of words.
He moves inside his lover with long, deep strokes that make Charlie whimper. His left hand reaches for Charlie’s and entwine their fingers together while the other grips his cock and moves in a faster tempo that makes his little brother cry out his name.
Nothing matters in the world, except for the two of them and this moment that’s redefining their lives, changing necessities, comfort zones, boundaries, secrets… Charlie turns his head around a bit. His breath is ragged, eyes unfocused and he is blindly searching for Don’s lips. When they close on his and their tongues tangle together, he comes, desperately clinging to his brother’s hand, to his body and a lone tear escapes his eye as Don reaches his climax inside him.
Warm and clean after a shower, under cool sheets and with his lover safely in his arms, Don is more than ready to let go of his fight with sleep, when Charlie’s voice slips through his tiredness.
- I mean what I said earlier… you’re mine, you know… you better tell that to Liz… - and Don can feel his brother’s stubbornness through his entire being.
Smiling, he shifts until he is completely entangled with him and makes an inquiry of his own.
- So, if I’m yours, does this mean that you’re mine and you’re going to break up with Amita? – Charlie shivers at Don’s dark tone of voice in his ear.
- To… tomorrow I’ll tell her… I promise… - Don’s body rubs deliciously against his and Charlie moans.
- Good boy… that’s why I love you… -
Charlie’s breath stills and slowly he turns in his brother’s arms and his smile could light up the entire city.
- Love you too, Donnie. -
He snuggles close and they both fall asleep.

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Date:November 11th, 2007 11:03 pm (UTC)
All the love in the world... - In this silence I believe

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